Urkult, folk music festival in the north

Back from that folk music festival I talked about. Me and my friends got there quite late since the drive was so long. It was dark outside. I guess it’s august and those long bright summer night are over, even up there in the north. When we drove into the town Näsåker there were people everywhere, quite some contrast from being on the quite desolate roads. One om my first impressions were driving down the hillside to to the camping which was just next to Nämforsen river. Really an astonishing place. I’m just curious what it might feel like being there when the festival is over, how normal life is for those people living there.

Anyway, where to start? Folk music from all of the world, out in the forest. Mostly music from Sweden, but I guess the entire world was present in some sense. Fiddle, banjo, traditional Swedish folk, world music (ambiguous term, i know), line dance, regga, yes pretty much everything. Since this was my first time vising this place I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know it was as big as it was, you had to spend a lot of time finding you lost friends and it wasn’t as “personal” as I would have hoped for but the atmosphere  was still magical. Like a small shangri-la in the boreal forest. Lamps haing from the trees, fire show,s workshops (i took one in ceramics), people of all ages just enjoying themselves, it should be like this all the time, everywhere. I have some lights on a strand somewhere, maybe I should find them and hang them in my garden, just so I can pretend that this thing isn’t over.


fire show

One of the things you always have to worry about when traveling and trying to eat mostly plant based is food. I alway tries to bring as much as possible from home before getting on the roads. Hey! a small closed down supermarket in the north, what can they really offer? Damn I  was wrong this time, the vegan food here was superb. There was one place that served staple vegan foods like cheap wraps and plates of daal. Great food but I have been thinking, why do they always serve those two things at vegan stands and food trucks? Daal and waps, I mean it’s good but come on, there are a lot of vegan dishes that will appeal to you more, and also might even open the eyes to people who believe that vegetable food is boring. But I guess it’s serves it’s purpose, it’s cheap and healthy. My favorite was a food truck that served a flat bread (a tradition in northern Sweden) warp with beet salad, sauted-soy, picked cucumbers and tzatziki. That was quite an umami overload. Anyway, for next year I know that I don’t have to worry about being hungry.

So now I’m back home in Julita, driving like zombies. I’ll post a recipe later this week for you! Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures.

the river

the river

children playing

children playing

workshop in ceramics, japanese raku style

workshop in ceramics, japanese raku style

the main stage

the main stage

IMG_5050 IMG_5045IMG_5029

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    Tack för det!En del personer med neurotypiska personlighetsstörningen kan ibland släppa sin stereotypa verklighetsuppfattning och ta till sig av verkligheten. Det är alltid lika trevligt när det händer. V. Beckman har gjort ett gott jobb på sina håll.

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    Hallo,mit Panasonic machst du nichts falsch! Die gibt es in vielen verschiedenen Größen.Die sind den anderen immer etwas voraus, haben deshalb auch einen etwas höheren Preis!Mehr kann ich dir nicht raten, dass weitere ist nur Hellseherei, da du sehr wenig Angaben gemacht hast!

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    I believe that Ted has finally lost his mind. What any of the above has to do with the original post is beyond me, and to post it against every blog available is a sure sign that someone has either had too much caffeine, needs a nap, or is living out where the buses don’t run.I especially love the final rant – Conspiracy Theories, Visions of Grandeur, . . . WOW!At least he didn’t ask, for the 23rd time, why Christie wants to debate Corzine.

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    Îmi place… Şi subscriu, din experienţă… Căci, vorba aceea, eu am în casă ultimul cuvânt: ea îmi spune “Ieşi, băiete, nu te mai ascunde pe sub pat!”… Iar eu închei mereu “Nu vreau!”…


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