What to do with apple branches

There was a course here at the mansion in how to prune an apple tree a few weeks back. You prune some trees to promote the growth of fruit and shaping them in a desirable shape (both pickability and design). It sounds harsh to cut 30 % off in the fall but that helps the three to produce more. Or maybe it just helps us, we are kind of greedy right?

Anyway, I don’t know that much about pruning so let’s skip that part. There were lots of branches from the apple trees left. I love them. Small and big. Their irregularly makes apple wood stick out, the shapes are extremely organic, you just have to cope with how they grow. I find it more irregular then other wood but it might just be me romanticising it. I wanted to do something with this wood.


Luckily my friend Lina showed me a pic of a headboard made entire of branches. I guess the headboard in the pic was made from driftwood and was therefore clean of all the bark. And I wanted the same look. Removing the bark with a small knife woodworking knife takes a lot of time. But once that was done (with some company of a good friend) drilling, cutting and screwing took almost no time. I’m extremely satisfied with this, cost was almost nothing, just the screws. Sloyed for life!