Just got a bag of hops from my neighbor. They are fresh and the smell and fumes almost made me dizzy. Also pretty nice that they are of a local variety from Sörmland where iIgrew up. I know that you normally would use them for that bitter taste in beer and its preservative effects. BUT since I know absolutely nothing about beer brewing, that is not going to happen (one day maybe).


One thing they are used in though is Swedish Christmas Must, Julmust, or are my English cousins say, Christmas coke. It’s a bottled soda, looking like coke with a bitter aftertaste. Only drunken at Christmas. If you haven’t tried any, I believe they stock it up at the ikea food store. You gotta try it! Last year I thought about making it myself, turned out OK, had to little hops on my hands and it didn’t get bitter enough, the sweetness just took over. It’s quite a complex mix with farm mulling spices and berries, hops and caramelized sugar so I guess I will make some more experimentation this year with them as well. I’m going for another round this year. Meanwhile I will keep those small babies in the freezer. Pretty fabulous to have them fresh. Love!