Trying out apples

Another tryout. This time it’s apples. The place where I live has about 100 different kinds of apples. It’s a living archive of rare and local apple varieties. Varieties that you normally don’t grow, but you still want to keep them for the future (you can’t plant an apple tree from a seed and get the same kind, you you need to keep it alive all the time).

So the early apples are ready and my dad is visiting, we went on a stroll and tasted many many many apples. The difference in taste and texture is insane, one even tasted like candy, it had a slightly chemical taste to it, but in a good way. While others were try and tasteless. I’m not going to share my thoughts about them like I did in the mushroom post, I will just state that you should try this, if you get the chance. You learn so much about taste, and how an apple just isn’t just an apple. I will never view an this little round fruit in the same way again.  But beware, your mouth will almost feel a bit sore afterwards from the acidity of the fruit.  It’s worth it, big time!

(you get some autumnish pics as well.)