Mushroom overload, part 2

Its later into autumn, things look different all around and so does the small things in the forest. Most of the mushrooms are of a different variety. We went out last weekend for another hunt. Looking especially for yellowfoot schrroms. I guess its one of the most popular and common mushrooms in Sweden. We did find quite an amount, but they weren’t everywhere, we really did have to look for them. There also was some wood hedgehog and a few horn of plenty. The horn is pretty rare, and hard to find, is is black and easily missed by the eye. My dad also got all exited about this one.



Its great to be outside for this, but you easily forget the amount of time it takes to get them clean of all soil and insects. This happened with the yellowfoot, to many small things and we ended up with a lot of work. Easy in the beginning but when the pile of dirty ones doesn’t seem to get any smaller the motivation fluctuates. But it was nice work anyway, talking to sis on the phone and things seemed to go more rapidly.

Horn of pleny

Horn of plenty

Anyway, harvesting directly form nature without the detour through an importer and a supermarket is really astonishing.

Wood hedgehog

Wood hedgehog

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