Fermenting workshop in Gothenburg

Last weekend I helped my friend Martin while he held a fermentation workshop in Gothenburg. It was in an area I had never visited before, several old factories located close to a small river. All very neat and “modern”. When I say “modern” I mean I those areas has shifted from something ugly for the working class into really hip communities and design centers. Whatever one might think of this, I really appreciate being there even if the feelings comes down to a sort of legislated nostalgia. A term from Douglas Coupland’s Generation X, describing how you can feel nostalgia towards something never experienced.



Even though we normally dig into pretty much anything when it comes to fermenting, like tempeh (damn it takes some time to shell all those soybeans you need) and kombucha, this time it was all about lactic acid, like sauerkraut and kimchi. It’s great to see how excited everyone gets when it comes to fermenting stuff. For many it’s like a completely new approach to preserving / cooking. Its pretty basic, fresh veggies, cut into pieces or shredded, salty water, and something to keep the veggies submerged in the water, like a brick or similar. The only thing is you need patience. Depending on room temperature and type of fruit / veggie it takes between 4-21 days until ready. A satisfying and fun way to preserve the harvest and autumn flavors for later. I’m not going to provide a recipe here, there are tons of them out there, just search the internet. But I encourage everyone to try. This is fun for real. And try crazy combinations like pumpkin and pumpkin spice ferment.


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