Building a …. banjo

I truly love the banjo, everything about it, the simplicity of the design to the somewhat hollow sound it gives. Unfortunately it is quite an unusual instrument here in Sweden, there are some people around who play it but they are easily counted. I’m trying my best right now to give it a go, got a cheap banjo a couple of years ago. Started learning but never got it right. Now I’m on the second round, getting the basics right, from the beginning. What I also will be doing is constructing a new banjo, instead of buying one. I have never built an instrument before so this frightens me a bit, but what the hell, I guess I should just start. Instrument construction cant be that much harder than other wood works, just that some science needs to be present with very specific measurements and so on. And now I can also construct the custom banjo from the beginning. My hopes are that when I’m done with it I will be good enough to play it, just practising on my old shitty one.

I know birch is quite an unusual material for instruments. But we just took one down, so why not?

Birch, with the picturesque deer in the distance

Birch, with the picturesque deer in the distance

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