Birch nectar

So it is finally time, you can see the buds of the birch tree, this means one thing. Time for some nectar. I love this drink, its not water, its not juice, is tastes like a lighter version of coconut water, just with a slight quite undefinable but still broad taste. And you can find it in the backyard if your as lucky as me. My parent’s home is actually named after the amount of birches around. The birch hill.

Last years drilling

Last years drilling

To get this lovely liquid, you need a garden hose, a drill the same diameter (or slightly smaller). A plastic container of some sort and some patience. Start by drilling a hole, about 1 meter up on the trunk, about 3 cm deep. Squeeze the hose into it, the other end goes into the container. Now just wait, how much and quick it goes depends on the size of the hose and the tree. Last year I got about 5 liters per day.


The hose should alway go downwards, never up. Sometimes you need to cover the containe, so insects don’t find their way in there. Last year mine got covered with ants that decided to take a swim in the nectar. Bad for them, bad for me.


If you like you could alway boil it down to syrup, the taste is amazing, but remember, you need to concentrate it 100 times, so 10 will just become 1 dl of finished syrup. Suppose the maple is a better in sugar concentration.


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