Always wanted tro try amazake, technically it is the first step in brewing sake before the alcohol get into the picture. Since I lately have started to make my own miso I had a lot of koji (a mouldy rice) to use for amazake. The koji is also used for some varieties of soy sauce, and miso of course. What you do is mix regular sticky rice with water and koji, and keep it around 65° C for a few hours, 8-12 hours, I used a thermos. Then it’s ready. This was an experiment.


I dont know if I liked it, it definitely tasted like the smell of koji, very sweet. I guess it is an acquired taste, it might grow on me. Any other people out there whe has tried it? Also just as a note, since I never tried it elsewhere I’m not 100% sure I got the taste right. I might make it again for friends to see if they like it or not.


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