World vegan day

Being vegan och plant based is sometimes quite hard when you live outside of a major city. But for some reason I’v always been spared all of those harsh and stuipd comments about what I eat and why. Might it be that I’m raised vegetarian or that I went to school with other children in a vegetarian Waldof school, I don’t know. As I wrote earlier, since I moved to the countryside the negative tone suddently is here. I hear it all the time, and even if I push the immediate feeling away, it’s hard. I have even started stating my veganism more than ever, like a teenage revolt, that cruelty towards animals is wrong (I used to just ignore it, as long as I stuck to my own beliefs). Last weekend I painted a piece of canvas and fited it on the inside of my car windows. Just stating how bad milk out of many different perspectives.


I did the statements on my car because last saturday was world vegan day and I wanted people to know that. Super exciting since there was going to be a big vegan happening in the town nearby. Finally I hoped to connect with like-minded people from around. There was going to be bands and a lecture from läkare för framtiden (doctors for the future) about nutrition and so on. And also it was going to be held in a newly renovated train depo, a beautiful space. Things turned out flat, entirely. Not only was it very few people there, the only ones that showed up was the people that arranged the whole thing and the performers. NO ONE ELSE. I meet some people from my local animal rights organisation, and everyone was shocked about the embassignly low attandance rate, ZERO. How does that even happen? I mean, the town isn’t that big, but at least some people from high-school should show up. I felt really bad for the bands that traveled there. You know the feeling when you just wanna be somewhere else, out of sympathy? That feeling was overwhelming. There might be something about the statement made a couple of years ago, that this is Sweden’s most boring town. Damn I need something positive now.


Lets end with some good news. The big supermarket had a big re-opening. To me and my mothers delight there was a whole new selection of oranic products. Most of them are amazing. Some I believe just to be a trend and something you shouldn’t consume to much since they have traveled across half the earth to get here. But anyway, great suprise.


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