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The banjo is done


So I didn’t end up using birch, I went for beech instead. One thing about me it that when I start something it takes up all my time. At least if I like it enough. This project was one of those, all I did was working on the banjo, or reading about banjo constructions. It… 

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Banjo parts just arrived

IMG_0329 copy

Time to start

Building a …. banjo

Birch, with the picturesque deer in the distance

I truly love the banjo, everything about it, the simplicity of the design to the somewhat hollow sound it gives. Unfortunately it is quite an unusual instrument here in Sweden, there are some people around who play it but they are easily counted. I’m trying my best right now to give it a go, got… 

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Mouse miso


I was supposed to try out my fist batch of miso for Christmas but this mouse got to it before me. Poor thing.



Always wanted tro try amazake, technically it is the first step in brewing sake before the alcohol get into the picture. Since I lately have started to make my own miso I had a lot of koji (a mouldy rice) to use for amazake. The koji is also used for some varieties of soy sauce,… 

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Fermentation festival in Uddebo

The hosts

Last weekend there was an fermentation festival held in Uddebo. A small town that has been seeing a revival when young people believing in a second green wave started moving there. The textile industry moves out, everything got cheap and new people move in. The festival was a hit, people came from all over the… 

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